Story of Sanko
Sanko Technologies Sdn Bhd

Sanko Technologies Sdn Bhd founded in 2019 and headquartered in Penang Malaysia, is a manufacturer and provider of RF and wireless communication testing instruments and overall solutions for Bird. Sanko mainly focuses on general test hardware for benchtop and modular instruments; include signal source, signal analyzer, and network analyzer which mainly serve customers in telecommunications, industrial, computer, semiconductor industries, and universities all over the world.

Over 100+ distributors
Over 20+ countries
Over 100+ distributors
Our Vision

We strike to provide lab-grade yet at the most competitive price of RF Test Instrument to our customers with our peace of mind 3-Years Warranty offer, trustable service and regular upgradable software and firmware.Together, we survive and grow.

Partnership of Sanko & BirdRF Technologies

On April 16, 2021, Sanko Technologies and Bird Technologies officially signed an agreement that Sanko , which headquartered in Malaysia, will be responsible for manufacture and sales of signal source, signal analyzer, network analyzer and other products with “Bird” brand.Through this cooperation, more stable and reliable products and test solutions will be provided to customers.