Indoor coverage Test Solution


Transmission Loss Test

  • An enhanced frequency sweep testing solution that greatly improves efficiency in transmission loss testing
  • This innovation has led to a substantial reduction in test time, going from a few minutes to just a matter of seconds.
  • Engineers and operators can now access loss data across all frequency bands in a single execution.

Transmission loss serves as a crucial indicator to confirm the variance between the design and the actual performance. The conventional approach involves employing a power meter in conjunction with a signal source testing solution designed for a single band.

Black bird solution

Indoor network coverage system

Presently, numerous mobile operators worldwide are in the active process of deploying indoor 5G networks within locations such as airports, office buildings, shopping malls, luxury hotels, exhibition halls, railway stations, and other prominent structures. The capability to assess the strength of indoor network coverage contributes to establishing an enhanced environment for mobilecommunication indoors.

Simulated Modulation Signal Test

Aids in mitigating and addressing issues such as blind spots, inadequate coverage, and interference within the initial design phase of the indoor network coverage system.

Sanko's GH and SH solutions present a streamlined approach for examining and validating your network's coverage. GeneHawk supplies simulated 4G and 5G signals to replicate indoor network coverage, while SignalHawk assesses the potency of indoor signals. This aids operators in refining their current indoor network strategies to transition to 5G and in enhancing user experience by effectively coordinating with indoor networks.